Example Thought Leadership Piece for Whole Foods

What’s Good for Your Community is Good for Your Business

You don’t have to be bad to be big. In fact, what is good for your business is rooted in what is good for your community. When you invest in your people and your community, you will strengthen your company.

Invest in Your Employees

See your employees as humans first and employees second. Start at the semantic level and don’t refer to them “employees,” but instead “partners” because together you share the failures and the successes of the company. Empower your partners by asking for and listening to their feedback. Internal communication must be open, often and compassionate. Recognize that your most effective partner is not one who dedicates 60 hours a week to her job, but rather one who also has time for leisure, family and community involvement, living a more balanced life. Give them the independence and opportunity to succeed and trust that they will do well. These practices will build a stronger bond between your company and your partners, your most important asset.

Invest in Your Community

Become a valued part of the neighborhood by giving what you already have: donate goods and volunteer time to local nonprofits and educational organizations. Re-invest your profits to create job opportunities and strategic investments in programs that align with your company’s values and mission. Establish local partnerships with other businesses to collaborate on a common goal. Help your local community as you grow as a company and everyone will rise together.

image credit: whole foodsmarket.com

image credit: whole foodsmarket.com

When business is focused solely on profits, you will lose sight of what can make your company great. By investing in your people and your community, you can build a stronger bond and a stronger brand. Doing good business means doing good for your people and for your community.