Example Annual Report/Newsletter for Bing

In 2015 Fans Shaped the Future of Bing

image credit: bing.com

We Are Listening to You
In 2015, we met with Bing fans in Los Angeles, New York, and Chicago to ask, “What matters to you?” and shared some sneak previews for upcoming features. For those who couldn’t meet with us in person, we also launched Bing Listens where thousands of fans have contributed and voted on product ideas. Have an idea to make Bing better? Let us know!

A More Personalized Experience
Thanks to your feedback, we are making the Bing experience more personalized. We learned from you that the little things matter and have fulfilled the top fan request: viewing the weather in Celsius. We’ve also brought more of the Bing features you love to Windows Phone. Soon you’ll have a more personalized news carousel with sliders that give you precision control over the news stories you’d like to see – coming this spring!


image credit: bing.com

Celebrating the Holidays Together
We know that the holidays are a special time of year. To bring the warmth of the season to the Bing homepage, we allowed you to turn on the holiday cheer with special effects. Fans could choose to add lights, snow, frost, jingle bells, and even a crackling yule log to each wallpaper during the holiday season.


image credit: bing.com

Hear the Homepage
Our “hear the homepage” feature came directly from a fan who said, “When I close my eyes, I can hear the sound of water crashing,” and in 2015 we made it a reality. We know that you use Bing to enjoy a moment away from your busy life, so we’ve increased the sensory depth of your homepage experience. You can now hear nature and city sounds, music, speeches, and other recordings with select images.

International Expansion
We hear you from around the world, too! International users can now download the daily wallpaper and share the homepage on Facebook and Twitter. The news carousel has gone live in Australia, Canada, France, Germany and the United Kingdom and is coming soon to Brazil. Stay tuned as we expand our international features in 2016.

We’re Always Listening
Thank you, fans! Keep sending us your feedback and help shape the future of Bing.