Example Target Audience Research

The ideal media target for eSox, a software app that helps users put together outfits from their wardrobe, needs to be one that covers fashion and lifestyle trends, is read online, and has a wide audience of people with buying power.

  1. Vogue.com
    Vogue.com is an effective media target for eSox because of its focus on fashion and lifestyle trends, its large audience, and global reach. Vogue.com is the online counterpart to the fashion and lifestyle magazine, and the online platform is more desirable than the print version because eSox users will be tech-savvy. Vogue.com has 8.7 million monthly unique visitors and 203.4 million average monthly page views. Vogue.com readers are 65% female and 35% male with a median age of 32.7 years old. The median household income of readers is $81,934.
  2. TechCrunch.com
    TechCrunch is an effective media target for eSox because of its focus on the tech industry. Not only will eSox reach customers on TechCrunch, but also potential investors and employees. On TechCrunch, eSox will reach 6.5 million unique visitors per month in the US, 44% of whom read TechCrunch on mobile. TechCrunch readers are 62% male and 38% female and are 50% more likely to share on social sites like Twitter and Facebook, which will give eSox the potential to reach a wider audience. Additionally, 41% of TechCrunch readers earn an annual household income of over $100K.
  3. HuffingtonPost.com
    The Huffington Post is an effective media target for eSox because of its Lifestyle section and vast mass market audience online including a digital population of 79 million monthly unique visitors: 40.6 million monthly PC unique visitors generate 723 million page views, 1.3 million monthly unique mobile visitor generate 204 million page views, and 81 million monthly worldwide unique visitors 1.1 billion page views.
image credit: pexels.com

image credit: pexels.com